Haus and Home

Haus and Home is a full service interior design firm based in Seattle, known for creating innovative, simple, and bold design solutions. With experience in residential, commercial and hospitality environments, H&H encompasses refinement and livability as its signature expression. Equip to guide clients from point of conception to finished domain, and everything in between.

H&H thinks outside of the box from standard design practice. Our approach is creating a space where modern and classic motifs meet. Matching function and form in our design process.

We believe exceptional design is most impactful through mutual collaboration. By using both the voice of our clients and our strong sense of design knowledge, we will help you create a space that is beautiful, dynamic, and most importantly, an authentic expression of your personal style.

Lauren Koval

Co-founder and Principal Designer Lauren Koval is a Washington native who spent several years studying and practicing design in Los Angeles, CA. With experience working as a designer and project manager on many residential, commercial and hospitality projects, her expansive knowledge of many aspects of the design industry have provided invaluable knowledge. Her passion for design and her desire for freedom and creativity have brought her back to Seattle to start Haus & Home.

Holding firm to the belief that the true potential of any space can be found while maintaining the integrity of the home and incorporating the client's needs, Lauren is able to create spaces with fresh aesthetic appeal that are sophisticated, yet livable.

Ashley Szekely

Ashley Szekely is Co-Founder and Principal Project Manager at Haus and Home. With a background in the Concierge industry for Seattle's elite for the last seven years, Ashley brings personalized service to H&H's designs projects that is unparalleled. She has an innate passion for great design and organization and uses those strengths to manage and oversee all of the H&H projects. Ashley's ideal designs incorporate vintage, shabby chic, rustic, and contemporary pieces.

Known for her wit and desire to remain constant, Ashley brings a stellar sense of pride to her work and enjoys the day to day tasks of overseeing many H&H projects ensuring they are completed accurately and on time.