Craftsman Redux

This project was a through remodel of the entire lower level of a 100 year old home. As with many homes of this period, most of the spaces were very small and compartmentalized. Our goal was to open up the space and provide more of a free flowing feeling between the kitchen and the rest of the living space. We also wanted to create a larger bathroom and laundry room. We achieved this by removing an awkward downstairs bedroom and used that space to expand all the utilitarian spaces in the home. The design process was really fun for us because our client was an artist and creative and he trusted us with the process.

All of the elements of the design really reflected him, down to the leather cabinet pulls in the kitchen (our client was a leather worker). This project was a labor of love as we tried very hard to maintain all the original old charm and character of the home. It was a mix of restoration and re-imagination and is a true reflection of what we do best, create beautiful, functional and modern living spaces.

Photos by Michelle Moore

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