E-Design Services

What is E-Design?

Our E-Design service is an affordable alternative to our traditional design services. We will correspond via e-mail, phone and FaceTime to create a custom room design for you, that meets your needs, style and budget.

What You Will Receive:

-Customized story board with visual representation of all of our product and material recommendations

-Room layout showing the placement of all of the products/materials

-Shopping list

-One round of revisions. After you review the initial story board we want to hear your feedback and answer any questions you ahve. We will then make revisions if needed and deliver an updated shopping list and layout.

E-Design Process:

-You will complete a brief questionnaire and someone from the Haus & Home team will contact you

-Email us photos of your space and a simple floor plan with dimensions

-If you have inspirational images or a Pinterest/Houzz board we would love to see it

-We will then schedule a time to chat via phone to go over the process and discuss pricing

(Typically pricing for a living room or dining room ranges from $1,500-$2,000)




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