Meet Lauren

Lauren Koval is the principal designer and owner of Haus & Home Interior Design, based in Seattle, Washington.

Lauren’s love for interior design began at an early age when she often found herself paging through her parent’s interior design magazines. Growing up with parents that were constantly involved in renovation their own homes Lauren became fascinated with interior design and the idea of transforming a space. Knowing that she had an inherent gift for¬†imagining a space at it’s fullest potential,¬†she decided to go to school for interior design in Los Angeles. She completed her BFA in Interior Architecture in 2006 and went to work for a prominent LA based design firm, Modern Arc Inc. There she worked as a designer and project manager on many large scale projects including, The W Hotel in Washington, DC and The W Hotel in Austin, Texas as well as many other high end residential projects. After years of living away from Seattle in both LA and Philadelphia she decided to return to home to start her own design firm Haus & Home in 2012.

When she is not designing beautiful spaces, Lauren spends her time cooking, hiking, skiing, traveling the world for inspiration, antiquing, practicing yoga and hanging with her dog Charlie.


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